Latin At Your Own Pace

Are you looking for a flexible way to begin or continue your Latin studies?

At Christian Latin Online, you can study Latin I and Latin II at a pace tailor-made for your lifestyle.  Whether you prefer to work on Monday morning or Friday afternoon, you can take Latin without worrying about vacations or sick days.

Christian Latin Online provides lectures, worksheets, tests, and grading services which make it easy to study Latin at home, in the car, or wherever your busy life takes you.

Our site is mobile friendly, making studying on-the-go a breeze.  Better still, the Latin in the Christian Trivium materials used for this site are accredited for a year’s worth of High School Latin by the University of California, all while being accessible enough for a seventh grader.

How it works:

Christian Latin Online can be taken at your own pace.  Your payment of $195 gives you access to half a year’s worth of Latin material, including the lectures, study and drill sheets, tests, grading services, email “help line” and office hours, as well as a suggested plan to help you stay on track.

We recommend that students take two weeks to complete each chapter in order to finish the course in a single school year.  Assignments can be downloaded from the website, completed, and then emailed to Jack Evert, the LITCT Latin II teacher, who will grade it and return the assignment with corrections.   When it’s time for a test, he will email the exam to the parent to proctor and return.  At the end of each quarter parents will receive a grade report.

Mr. Evert also offers an email “help line” as well as weekly “office hours” to assist students who need additional help.  The only material you will need to purchase is the Latin textbook from, as everything else will be supplied either by the teacher or on the website.

You can gain access to all this for the cost of $195 per semester.  Contact Jack Evert at for more information on how to register.

Information about our Live online classes

We are currently offering several Live Class options for Latin I, II, III, IV Honors, and AP Latin, as well as an at-your-own-pace option for Latin I and II.  If you would prefer to take the live class, please contact the appropriate teacher.

Latin I: Mr. Jack Evert    

Latin II:  Mrs. Fran Gilmore

Latin III: Miss Mary Joy Johnson

Latin IV Honors:  Miss Mary Joy Johnson

AP Latin: Miss Mary Joy Johnson

For more information on these classes, please visit

Ordering Books

Whether you are taking the live class or simply listening to the lectures on this website, you will need to have a textbook for the level of Latin you are studying.  You may order these textbooks by:

-Using the PayPal option at

-Calling 858-335- 6311

-Mailing in the order form below.

The textbooks may also be rented as e-books from   To rent the e-textbook, click here.

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